12 Jan

09 Jan

Resolving some privacy issues

By Anonymous

It was brought to the attention of the ImpressCMS Project that some privacy issues were created on http://community.impresscms.org when the site was originally created.

Originally, the initiators of ImpressCMS gathered on XoopsInfo.com, with the permissions of the XoopsInfo maintainer team, to discuss this future project. After a few weeks, we realized that it was better for everyone if these discussions were to be held on a site not related to XOOPS, and not hosted by the XOOPS Foundation.

08 Jan

ImpressCMS 1.0 'Janus' Beta Released!

By Anonymous

The ImpressCMS Project proudly announces its first-ever release: ImpressCMS 1.0 “Janus” Beta!

The first releases of ImpressCMS is based on the XOOPS 2.0.17 core + some additions made in the XOOPS 2.0.18 development branch and, as such, will retain compatibility with existing modules and themes. The goal is to provide an on-going, stable environment for information and support for XOOPS and its users.

08 Jan

07 Jan

Open letter to the XOOPS Community

By Anonymous

8 January 2008 -

Over the last 6 months, discussions have heightened over the future of the XOOPS project. During that time, several things have become evident and recounting them here is not our purpose.

While we were encouraged by the efforts and progress of the Draft Proposal Team and we continued to participate with them in hopes to produce something that would lead to a brighter future for XOOPS, recent events continued to unfold and compound and we have moved to establish a new project - ImpressCMS. ImpressCMS promotes open development, security, stability, extensibility, accessibility, compatibility, user-friendliness, standards compliance, social networking and so many other great things – all the things XOOPS could and should be.