19 Aug

ImpressCMS 1.4.0 Alpha 2 is now available

By fiammybe

The second alpha for ImpressCMS 1.4.0, with fixes and improvements for PHP7, is out.

15 May

ImpressCMS 1.4.0 alpha

By fiammybe

ImpressCMS 1.4.0 Alpha is now available!

14 May

PHP 7 is coming

By fiammybe

ImpressCMS 1.4 alpha will be released tomorrow, offering support for PHP 7

09 May

ImpressCMS chat on Slack - impresslack?

By fiammybe

The ImpressCMS core team is now available directly on chat via Slack for discussions and support questions.

12 Apr

Getting ImpressCMS 2 up for testing

By fiammybe

ImpressCMS 2.0 is coming along, but you can already get it up-and-running yourself for testing and development purposes. Given that we're in alpha, it is still a bit rough around the edges, and you might need to do some things on the command line for now.

10 Feb

A short history

By fiammybe

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, and to that effect I decided to start the work on a page that describes our history

20 Jan

ImpressCMS 2.0 site creation with composer

By fiammybe

You can now deploy a new instance of ImpressCMS 2.0 from the composer command-line

08 Jan

Happy 11th birthday ImpressCMS!

By fiammybe

We are very happy to celebrate the 11th anniversary of our very first ImpressCMS final release today.

01 Jan

Happy 2019!

By fiammybe

ImpressCMS wishes you a happy 2019!